TrapMe is a company based on the desire to control rats without rodenticides. The hardware for the TrapMe trap is produced in Denmark and it is essentially the hardware that makes the trap digital.

“The hardware is what makes the trap eco-friendly and sustainable. The circuit boards are going through a long production process and this guarantees the best product and the best quality, which is also why we make the traps ourselves,” says Kim Lauridsen Hansen, CCO at TrapMe.

TrapMe is the first snap trap telling you with certainty, if there is a catch – or not. The trap is easy to set up and it has a battery life span of 3 years, hence you only have to check the trap, when you receive a signal on the TrapMe Portal. The trap is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use and optimized for rough weather conditions. It can easily be placed in industry-standard rodent boxes due to its design, and no matter if its bright sunshine, heavy rain or snow, the trap still sends a signal.

Besides, the TrapMe trap also has:

  • International SIM and subscription function in 30+ countries
  • Mobile network connected
  • Increases the efficiency of business operations
  • Non-toxic and reusable

You can read more about TrapMe’s product.