Millions of rats plague cities around the world like Copenhagen, Denmark. How come this is an on-going issue? Rats are hard to catch. In one trap a rat is only caught every three months, yet pest control operators (PCO) must visit and check the traps regularly to make sure, they do not miss a catch.

“The challenge is that the pest controllers have to go and check every week. That’s impossible due to the number of contracts they have,“ says Kim Lauridsen Hansen, CCO at TrapMe.

Servicing conventional rat traps is time consuming and high in operational cost. However, there is an alternative, which is TrapMe. An innovative non-toxic electronic rat trap powered by Telit and developed at the electronics manufacturer, CB Svendsen in Denmark.

“The difference from TrapMe to an old-fashioned trap is that you have a portal to visualize your traps. Our portal will tell you on a map where your traps caught rats and you can actually manage your entire day by using our portal. It is a tool for the PCO to optimize their time, their handling of their customers and their traps,” says Martin Svendsen, CTO in CB Svendsen.


An end-to-end solution

TrapMe is truly an end-to-end solution. The first out-of-the-box 100% accurate cellular connected trap with a connected software portal. It can be used anywhere in the world.

“The pest controller knows for certain, when there is a rat in the trap, because of the IoT solution. It sends a signal and they only have to go, when they have a catch, or if they have a false alarm. The Telit model is very crucial to our product, because this is what brings it alive. It goes from an ordinary tool to a SMART tool,” states Kim Lauridsen Hansen.

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Telit simWISE means no fuss. The technology runs without a separate SIM card. Traps roam automatically and connect to the network offering the most powerful signal.

“The Telit module is perfect in our rat traps, because the rat traps are used outside in rugged conditions, so it’s a product that is really reliable and sturdy,” says Martin Svendsen.

The Cloud based functionality of the Telit IoT platform allows for easy on-the-go data retrieval. Pest control operators can visit and reset the traps on demand.

“The TrapMe trap helps the pest controller expand his business, because it makes his day-to-day work easy and controllable,” says Kim Lauridsen Hansen.

IoT connected products enable service operators to grow at scale. Telit is leading the change in driving this service revolution.

“Telit is the ideal partner, because it makes us go faster to the market and it makes it easier for the customers to get a great service,” according to Martin Svendsen.

Solving an age-old problem with the power of IoT with TrapMe and Telit.

Telit is the global leader within IoT deployment, and therefore highly knowledgeable, when it comes to Smart City suppliers.

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