It is highly important to have a strong development team of a product, when you are a startup company like we are at TrapMe.

However, the development team cannot stand on its own, because the hardware of the TrapMe trap does not function optimally without the software. The SaaS (Software as a Service) aspect of TrapMe has to be just as strong as the hardware. In that respect, it was important for TrapMe to have a competent and knowledgeable CEO within SaaS. Stig Lyngsie proved to be just the right match as TrapMe’s new CEO.

”I feel very honoured and lucky to be offered this position, as it brings me back to what I love, which is creating and making a SaaS company grow,” says Stig Lyngsie, CEO of TrapMe.

Stig has previously started a SaaS company, which was later sold to a Canadian business. Hence, he is highly experienced within the SaaS field, and that will be of great benefit to TrapMe.

“TrapMe is a young company, that still operates as a start-up with all the flexibility and energy that brings, and it has a very big potential,” says Stig.

It is no secret, that the TrapMe team are truly happy to have Stig on board in the company.

”TrapMe has a great team, a fantastic product, loyal customers on our platform and a strong pipeline with new innovative ideas, that will help us form the digital transformation of the industry,” says Stig.

He also expresses that he looks forward to getting to know TrapMe’s customers better and getting further into the growth potential of the company along with the team.

If you run a business within the pest control industry, or if you are curious about digitalisation, TrapMe will gladly meet you virtually for a cup of coffee.

You can read more about the TrapMe trap.