TrapMe believes in digitalisation and that will shape shape the future of the pest control business, but we do not simply develop digital hardware and software products – we also integrate other products into our portfolio. Luckily, we are not alone, when it comes to having a digital mindset, which is why we are now happy to announce that we have a new partner: Traplinked.   

Traplinked is a German tech business with 20 employees within the pest control industry. Making the pest control digital, eco-friendly and efficient is what the company aims to achieve. The team develops innovative solutions for pest controllers, which are easy to use saves time and resources in a busy everyday life. Traplinked consults pest controllers and food businesses to find the best way to implement digital projects together.

The business started in 2019 and has already obtained a very good position and taken the German market by surprise. Traplinked now has more than 155 customers across Europe, ranging from large food manufacturing businesses, supermarkets to logistics – the whole food supply chain. Moreover, Traplinked has a line of innovative products on the way, which we at TrapMe will be integrating into our portal and be selling in Scandinavia. Together, TrapMe and Traplinked help pest controllers all over Europe to digitise all known control points.


An innovative, digital mindset 

Aside from the fact that both businesses have ‘Trap’ in the brand name, TrapMe and Traplinked also have other things in common. The two businesses are working based on the same innovative, digital mindset – that the pest control industry has to be digitised and eco-friendly as well as ensuring an efficient working way for a PCO. Both Traplinked and TrapMe consists of a strong team of competent employees within software and hardware, which also helps to create a healthy foundation for a good partnership. The digital way of thinking and the vision behind is what brought us together and it will brings us further into the same direction.  

Our strategy concerning an IoT hub needs good solutions and Traplinked’s innovative product development enriches our portfolio. Together we empower pest controllers to fully digitise their locations – both indoor and outdoor,” says Stig Lyngsie, CEO in TrapMe.  

As the population increases and the cities expand in Scandinavia and the rest of the world, more pests will also appear. Looking at this reality, TrapMe and Traplinked believe that digital hardware and software products will be the solution to the problem of pests without the use of poison. By implementing camera monitoring and artificial intelligence for analysing pictures, and using digital traps and alarms, the system can now gather data on pest activity both indoor and outdoor on various types of pests. The pest controller can access this information through a digital platform to get an overview and be alerted in real time. Digital products provide the PCO with opportunity to use his or her experience and knowledge to decide which strategy to implement on location. TrapMe and Traplinked both seeks to help the PCO’s save time and resources, while ensuring high customer satisfaction.  


How will this partnership impact you as a PCO?

What will this partnership bring and how will it impact you as a PCO? First of all, we will cooperate about our solutions as well as sell each other’s products in respectively Scandinavia and the German speaking markets. There is a power in partnerships – and together we will be one of the largest and most diverse suppliers of digital solutions to the pest control industry – and in total, TrapMe and Traplinked have sent more than 55.000 digital products to market in Europe. Hence, this also implies that you get a larger pool of digital hardware and software products to choose from for pest control. You will still get the same high level of service from us, and we will always be happy to help you – regardless of whether you are in the field or in the office.  

In short, our partnership will lead to more digital products for the Scandinavian market in order for pest control to be conducted in a digital, eco-friendly and effective manner. In TrapMe, we still follow one strategy – to shape the digital transformation of pest control, and we will continue down the same trail – now in a strong partnership with Traplinked.  

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