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JERRY helps with mice

The flexible JERRY system is available in different versions. The module is located in the center of the snap trap tunnel. By using magnetic switches, the device checks the triggering status of the traps at regular intervals. As soon as something happens, JERRY triggers an alarm. The module is conveniently connected to the WiFi that is usually available on site anyway or to a mobile WiFi router. In the fight against the mouse JERRY sits in the popular nagtag or SpeedBreak impact trap tunnel with impact traps from the quality manufacturer KNESS.

Due to the fact that the module is located inside the tunnel, the placement of the tunnel is not restricted!

Included in delivery:

  • JERRY module
  • Batteries
  • NagTag or SpeedBreak impact trap tunnel
  • KNESS impact traps with magnetic holder

The system can be ordered in different package sizes.



In this video, Stig Lyngsie, CEO of TrapMe and Tim Kirchhof, CEO of Traplinked talk about the vision of the partnership and how it benefits pest controllers.



TrapMe and Traplinked work based on the same innovative, digital mindset – that the pest control industry has to be digitised and eco-friendly as well as ensuring an efficient working way for a PCO.

Both companies consists of a strong team of competent employees within software and hardware, which also helps to create a healthy foundation for a good partnership. The digital way of thinking and the vision behind is what brought us together and it will brings us further into the same direction.

TrapMe traps characterized by their stand-alone connectivity are compact and easy to use outdoor. Meanwhile Traplinked solutions with trap tunnels offer safe usage inside buildings. The strategic partnership is believed to benefit pest controllers across Europe by covering a wide range of use cases, either indoor or outdoor, with flexible network connections.

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