Toxin Skadedyrssikring is a nation-wide Danish company and authorised within pest control, that seeks to securitise against various pests such as rats, mice and insects. The company covers a wide range of the food industry, restaurants and industrial businesses.

“It is a great advantage to many of our customers, especially the restaurants or food industries, that we are constantly updated with what is going on in and around the building, in which we have fuses located. In these cases, it is a benefit for us to use TrapMe, because it is simple to setup. We get the data, which is exactly what we need and when we need it,” says Michael Thalbitzer, Manager at Toxin Skadedyrssikring.

A preventive tool

TrapMe is easy to install and connect to the portal right away, according to Michael Thalbitzer. However, there are two slightly distinctive ways in which the TrapMe trap is used at Toxin Skadedyrssikring.

“The way in which we use TrapMe is twofold. We use TrapMe partly as a preventive solution, as a system, in which we get an early warning, that enable us to see what kind of problems our customers experience, both in terms of existing problems, but also what might become a problem in the near future concerning pests,” says Michael Thalbitzer.

This way of utilising the trap enables Toxin Skadedyrssikring to both prevent pests from invading their customers’ businesses as well as controlling the pests, in cases where they are already there.

With more than 30 years of experience within pest control, Toxin Skadedyrssikring is highly competent within this field, so they know about the problems that pest control operators can face when it comes to catching rats.

You are welcome to read more about how TrapMe can help pest control operators.