“MyreExpressen across Denmark generally become better at planning, saving time and checking more security solutions in a shorter period of time,” says Thomas Viborg, who is a PCO at MyreExpressen Vejen. MyreExpressen Vejen is a franchise of the business, MyreExpressen Skadedyrskontrol.

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With TrapMe, it is easy for Thomas to have an overview of the traps as he can check them on an app or the cloud based TrapMe Portal.

“I check the traps on a daily basis, but the system also ensures that we get a warning, as soon as something steps into the trap, in the case of an error in the trap or whatever – we still get a notification of some kind,” says Thomas.

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Many solutions with TrapMe

The TrapMe traps make up a large factor of MyreExpressen Vejen’s solutions. The traps are typically part of the security solutions or as a separate solution with a housing association. TrapMe traps can also be a good solution in other places that are difficult to pass or reach like on an attic. It may also be a good idea to use TrapMe in other cases, where it is preferable to keep the activity level low for some reason.

The fact that TrapMe’s traps non-toxic is also very important to MyreExpressen Vejen. The increase in the use of poison has also made rats more resistant. For the surrounding environment and terrain, the use of poison is also an important factor. Where can the poison end up? There have been unfortunate cases, in which rat poison has been found outside of the box due to some reason. Therefore, non-toxic traps such as TrapMe traps are a very good alternative.

Thomas is very conscious about the benefits of TrapMe, and why he uses the traps in his daily work.

“I use the TrapMe traps, because it makes my job easier. It provides me with the opportunity of offering something quite unique to our customers, which is 24/7 surveillance, where I can keep an eye on the traps for the customers,” says Thomas. On a final note, he also states that MyreExpressen are crazy about rats – especially when they get to catch them with TrapMe.

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