2021 has come to an end and we would like to summarise this year with most read news from TrapMe. This gives also an indication of what are the trends and what PCO and other interest groups are searching for. Here are the 10 most read news and we start with number 10.

10. Where are rats during the winter?

The winter season has arrived and we can also see that this topic getting more relevant for most of the readers. Read og reread the signs of the rats during the winter.

9. Why choose digital trap?

An increasing number of experts within the pest control business agree that rodent control becomes more and more digitalised, and there are several benefits of using digital traps. Read all the benefits here.

8. Data Connectivity – which technology is the best choice?

Offering IoT solutions inevitably leads to a discussion on the choice of connectivity – which technology is the best choice? What are the value drivers when choosing a technology? Will the chosen technology work in all the markets you are present in? Read the blog about data connectivity here.

7. SigFox or LoRa?

For a long period of time, Sigfox and LoRa were the primary companies competing within the area of LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Networks). The two technologies are quite similar, but what type of devices are they best suited for? And is one of them better than the other? Read about pros and cons here.

6. Digitalisation makes pest control easier for a PCO

Traditional traps and rodenticides have been a way of working for many pest controllers (PCOs). Times have changed, our everyday lives have become increasingly digitalised, and we are all encouraged to live as eco-friendly as possible – also when it comes to rodent control. Read more about how digitalisation makes work easier for PCOs by releasing more time and resources…

5. Why choose LoRa?

There are always some pros and cons, when choosing a technology. We have summed up few benefits and challenges of LoRa here.

4. Snap traps, rodenticide or digital traps?

In this blog post we look into what digital traps can offer in contrast to snap traps and rodenticides and when it is more sensible to use one tool instead of another.

3. 8 advantages of using snap traps for mouse control

The title of this blog tells it all. Let’s look at the 8 reasons to why snap traps and digital traps are worth considering for mouse control.

2. Is LTE-M better than NB-IoT?

Read about the differences and similarities of LTE-M (Long Term Evolution) and NB-IoT (Narrowband IoT). The right choice of technology tends to depend on your need, but is it always so? Or is one of them better than the other? One of the aspects that LTE-M and NB-IoT have in common is that they can run on less powerful hardware and have long battery life. However, NB-IoT was designed for stationary devices from the beginning, whereas LTE-M was designed for roaming.

1. TrapMe and Traplinked – a new partnership

Our most read blog this year has been about our new partnership with Traplinked. Both businesses are working based on the same innovative, digital mindset – that the pest control industry has to be digitised and eco-friendly as well as ensuring an efficient working way for a PCO. Read or reread about our strong partnership with Traplinked here.