Sønderborg Andelsforening is a cooperative housing association containing a wide range of housing types – from one-size-student housing to terrace houses with five rooms. The various housing types are all located in Sønderborg Municipality. In Denmark, the municipality is responsible for controlling rats. Yet, why have Sønderborg Andelsforening decided to use TrapMe traps?

”The TrapMe traps are simple and easy to get going, and it makes our daily work much easier, when we have to control the traps among other things”, says Martin Hansen, who is in charge of programming the traps and updating their locations at Sønderborg Andelsforening.

According to Martin, it is easy to be updated with the electronic traps, because you can look at the activity and figure out, whether there is a reason for them to be located at that spot, or if the trap should be moved to a new location.

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Less time consuming

Controlling rats can be time consuming for many PCOs, but TrapMe has made it more efficient for Sønderborg Andelsforening.

“The best reason for us to use the TrapMe traps are that we do not have to spend much time on them – apart from when they in fact have caught something”, says Jens Otten, authorised pest controller at Sønderborg Andelsforening.

The PCOs can also quickly get out and move the traps, if necessary.

“Every morning, they go and check the activity and this enables us to react fast,“ says Poul Christensen, Inspector at Salus Boligadministration (housing administration) in Sønderborg Andelsboligforening. 

Sønderborg Andelsforening have bought 20 new TrapMe traps, because they are facing a demolition of old buildings.

“We fear that the rats will run across the road and enter the department of Sønderborg Andelsforening. Therefore, we have bought the traps in order to prevent this from happening,” says Poul Christensen.

It has previously been seen before, that old warehouses that have been empty for two or three years have provided rats with a great opportunity for them to reproduce in large amounts. Therefore, it appears to be a good idea for Sønderborg Andelsforening to be on the safe side.

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