It only takes one minute in the morning for Vagn Hansen to check 200 TrapMe traps. This is pretty good considering that  Sønderborg Andelsforening have to control 45 departments and 3300 apartments, and therefore they need to get a quick overview of the rat control within their reach.

“We save a lot of time in contrast to, if we had to physically go check every single trap,” says Poul Christensen, Inspector at Salus Boligadministration in Sønderborg Andelsboligforening.

According to Martin Hansen, who is in the construction department called Håndværkergården, it is very easy to work with the TrapMe traps and having an overview. The software system is also quite easy to navigate.

“The user interface itself on the computer is easy to take over for another person, because it is quick and easy to get access to and get an overview of such as programming the traps or checking for snapped, open or closed traps,” says Martin Hansen.

After checking the TrapMe Portal, the employees at Sønderborg Andelsforening immediately know where to go and check TrapMe traps that have snapped.

“The messages, we get, can be trusted. We do not have any troubles with any of them. We even have some areas covering large basements and entrepreneurial halls, where we have the traps and we get a signal from all of them,” says Vagn Hansen, sewer contractor and authorized rat catcher, from the department called Håndværkergården.

Previously, Vagn could spend an entire day going around checking every single trap, without knowing whether or not a rat has been caught. With TrapMe, he can spend his time in a more efficient manner.

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