Smart City Supplier

A Smart City is a digitalization process of the urban environment and in this connection TrapMe’s digital solutions can easily be integrated and provide insight into various trends such as the areas in which rodents are frequently spotted.

A Smart City can collect data on when the trash cans need to be emptied, how much rain has dropped, how much the water level in the sewers has increased, the temperature and humidity of the concrete in buildings, and much more. Connectivity is at the core of a Smart City, and all of the gathered data from the urban environment is analyzed with the purpose of optimizing operations in the city. More and more municipalities strive towards digitalizing much of their work, but they are challenged concerning time and resources due to cutbacks and savings. TrapMe contributes to the Smart City concept with the digital rat trap, as it can be integrated naturally as a part of the digital urban environment.

TrapMe makes it possible to gather data of locations and number of rat catches. This helps the pest control technician tracking trends for rats and thereby making the rat control more efficient. The municipality can save time because there is a constant overview of all traps and they only require checking when there is a catch and alarm goes off. Spend the time effectively optimizing your urban environment and get better at preventing as well as controlling rats with TrapMe’s digital trap.

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“You get a message instantly, whenever activity has taken place, so the PCO can drive to the trap quickly and reactivate itin order of ensuring active rat control constantly.

A bird habitat located at Hjarnø has previously had massive rat issues, and this concerns Hedensted Municipality, because they are responsible of the island. It has been quite a challenge finding the right method of controlling the rats, as rodenticides will put the birds’ lives at risk, and therefore other tools had to be used in this case.