Sjællands Skadedyrsservice is a small Danish company with three employees providing pest control solutions at Zealand and to other customers across Denmark. One of the company’s core values is providing extraordinarily good service for their customers.

“There is a guarantee connected with the use of the TrapMe trap, as we constantly have a sure of having active rat control. The trap sends a signal, whenever there is a rat in the trap, so the pest control operator knows, when he has to go and empty the trap. Hence, the TrapMe trap is a good solution,” says Peter Fisker Lassen, owner of Sjællands Skadedyrsservice.

range of tools to control rats

When Sjællands Skadedyrsservice encounter a possible rat problem, they often start out by using the dogs in order to identify, where the problem is located, and how extensive the range of the problem is.

“The dogs are a tool just as well as an air riffle is a tool and our traps as well, in some cases even the rodenticide becomes a tool. These are all tools that we can make use of and combine depending on how the task unfolds. In these cases, we are very fond of the TrapMe traps,” says Peter.

TrapMe collaborates with many pest control operators, and you can learn more about how we help them control rats.