Sewer rat trap

Non-toxic rodent control in the sewers, powered by Ratel


Easy mounting from the surface
NB-IoT based network connected
​5 years battery life


Competitive price
Low maintenance costs
ATEX approval for use in EX Zone 2 classified areas


​Quick, effective and humanely kills


All electronics are designed to comply to IP68
Automatically reloading sewer trap with built-in rat block
Monitoring of possible flooding in the manhole
​Cloud-based administrative web portal included
Increase the efficiency of business operations
TrapMe offers a digital sewer trap solution.
TrapMe Portal works on all devices

The Portal

The TrapMe Portal provides the user with a total overview.

The Portal setup can be tailored to individual users, is well organised and can easily manage a large number of traps.

Via the virtual map, traps can be positioned and managed without losing the overview. All relevant information such as photos, location, description, trap ID etc. can be tailored and added to every single trap. Documentation can be filtered to show single or multiple traps, time periods, customers, users etc. and can be stored, printed or mailed as preferred. All data is secure in the cloud. 

The website gives professional companies the opportunity to manage many technicians collectively or individually and with the full overview of all customers 24/7. It is also possible to integrate or bridge existing systems with the Portal. 

Data connectivity and narrow band technology


The digital smart solutions from TrapMe are all connected to the Cloud. That ensures that the smart devices deliver their data in real time to our cloud based servers and from our portal or via the APP the user is automatically informed and the system is kept updated 24/7.

Our sewer trap is based on NB-IoT technologoy (Narrow Band Internet of Things). As the sewer trap is placed underground with concrete and asphalt on top, the normal 2g technology does not provide near enough signal strength to penetrate and communicate with the trap.

NB-IoT is a standards-based low power wide area (LPWA) technology developed to enable IoT devices and services that needs deep penetration and low battery consumption and is available in all European countries.

We sustain connectivity in more than 50 countries through our partnership with Telit. See our connectivity coverage list here.


  • CE –EU Declaration of Conformity
  • ATEX -EU Declaration of Conformity
  • SE-59 –Swedish approval related to human killing
  • IP68 –Dust-and waterproof components

Technical information

  • Inlet Ø160-500
  • Inlet for the benching
  • Mounting-gear for PVC-and concrete manholes
  • Webplatform and APP

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