The sales of 2018 are already fivefold in comparison to 2017, for the electronics manufacturer CB Svendsen in the rat trap branch, TrapMe.

Rats. The reports on troublesome animals are numerous. Shops and artificial harbour basins have to shut down and many other places are also plagued by rats.

However, the pests are a benefit for TrapMe, who is the business behind the electronic rat alarm located in a rat trap. TrapMe is a part of CB Svendsen, who have their main office in Værløse, Denmark. CB Svendsen designs, develops and produces electronic solutions. In addition to Værløse, CB Svendsen have a software development department in Tranbjerg and also a TrapMe department in Bramming, both places located in Jutland, Denmark.

“Our customers are professional authorised pest control operators, who know exactly where their customers need the alarm located, and if an alarm goes off, the pest controllers are the experts knowing exactly what needs to be done. We have now put the alarm in a solid rat trap killing the rat immediately and when the pest control operator picks up the rat, he can study the area to see if there are signs of more rats to come,” says Kim Lauridsen Hansen, CCO of TrapMe.

International distribution

The rat trap and alarm are considered an alternative for using rodenticide in traps, but also as a tool that automatically notifies you, when a rat is caught in the trap. This combination is well on its way of becoming a success.

“We had expected great demand from Northern Europe, but additionally we were positively surprised by the global demand that we encounter,” explains Kim Lauridsen Hansen.

In addition to Denmark, the rat trap has also made it to Norway, Finland, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy and France. Other countries such as New Zealand are well under way. According to Kim Lauridsen Hansen the sales of 2018 are already fivefold in comparison to 2017.

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