Rune Lindholm is a Pest Control Technician (PCO) at HedeDanmark. Whenever he goes to check one of the TrapMe traps, it is always with a little excitement, as he secretly hopes that a massive rat has been caught.

“A trap alarm is sort of a red flag, which means that we will act on the signal right away,” says Rune Lindholm.

A TrapMe trap is an electronic trap, which has an integrated SIM card that sends an alarm to the TrapMe Portal, when it snaps. The PCO is notified by mail and telephone, when the trap snaps, and thereby he knows when a rodent is caught. On the TrapMe Portal, the PCO can see, whether or not the trap has actually caught something. If the trap has just snapped without catching a rodent, the alarm will display a signal of being “Closed” on the Portal, meaning that it was false alarm. However, if the trap has in fact caught a rodent, it will be stated as “Rodent”. At first when the trap is set up, it will be displayed on the TrapMe Portal as ‘Open’.

According to Rune, it is quite simple to empty the trap and make it ready for the next catch. The trap should be opened, emptied and disassembled, and when that is in place, the trap is ready for the next catch.

Why is TrapMe better than a traditional trap?

“What makes the TrapMe trap a genius tool is that is sends an alarm here and now, so that we are constantly updated about, when we have caught a rodent on a given location,” says Rune Lindholm.

TrapMe is smarter than a traditional trap, because a traditional trap requires that a PCO checks it manually about four times on an annual basis in order of figuring out, if a rodent has been caught. Rune can avoid checking traps, that may or may not be empty. He always knows for sure the status of the traps. Whenever there is a catch in the TrapMe trap, he gets a message within five minutes by mail on his telephone and tablet, with a red alarm and it is displayed on a map as ‘rodent caught’. He knows the specific location of the trap, that has snapped. He can then go directly to the trap and check up on what type of rodent, which has been caught.

“I am very satisfied with the fact that HedeDanmark has chosen TrapMe. It is the only trap on the market that can provide a guarantee, as it is the only thing that actually works. In my opinion, there are a lot of electronic traps on the market that do not live up to the requirements they advocate for. With TrapMe, we know that when the alarm goes off, there is something. It is not a mistake like a glitch or a technical error, but it simply works,” says Rune.

At the end of the year, HedeDanmark can show their customers the exact locations where rodents have been caught near their buildings and whether a mouse or rat was caught.

“Our TrapMe customers can feel comfortable knowing that we have a 24/7 surveillance on their locations, and we know exactly when a rat has been caught in the trap and can therefore move quickly and remove it or figure out that it was just false alarm,” says Rune as a final statement.

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