This blog post is a comment on BPCA’s article ‘BPCA position statement on remote monitoring for rodent management’ (See link at the bottom of the blog). Briefly explained, the article entails a discussion of BPCA concerning the role of remote monitoring and how technological tools such as sensors and cameras can be useful tools for a PCO, if handled properly. In connection with this topic, we decided to offer our point of view on the role of remote monitoring for rodent management.  

TrapMe supply digital solutions to pest control problems, with remote monitoring, early warning alarms, full documentation and case histories all easily available. However, can the TrapMe traps be considered a solution or tool?  


A solution or tool?

In alignment with the opinion of the BPCA and other professionals in the pest control industry, we do not see TrapMe or other remote systems as alternatives to visits from a pest professional. Rather, we believe that TrapMe can support and be a complement to any integrated pest management programme as part of the PCO’s toolbox. Hence, digital traps and monitoring are a solution with regards to the fact that they are proactively controlling rodents. However, digital traps cannot control a severe rodent infestation on its own, and remote monitoring is also not capable of replacing a PCO as the traps do not “place them selfan experienced PCO must investigating the site/environment and creating a strategy on where to place traps and stations for it to be effective.

Digital traps and other digital solutions are not simply tools that can be used by anyone and guarantee great results. But, in the hands of a knowledgeable and experienced professional a digital trap is a strong tool, easily incorporated into a pest management programme. 
The aim of TrapMe is to help you enhance your expertise and professionalism in the eyes of your customers. This will foster a better communication between you and your customer among other things. Moreover, there are three main reasons listed below as to why remote monitoring using TrapMe is beneficial for you as a PCO. 

  • Early warning alarm: TrapMe is active 24/7, 365. The early warning alarms enable you to take immediate action solving issues before they become problems.  
  • Data: Remember, data is only valuable if analysed. TrapMe’s digital traps gather data that is filtered and viewed in the TrapMe portal highlighting trends, and providing and overview of the current situation as well as all previous history of the site. A valuable educational tool for your client and helps demonstrate the value of your service. 
  • Time saving: As all traps and monitors are visible at a glance, you don’t have to check them manually. This saves time and frees resources when visiting a customer, giving the technician more time to use his expertise looking into and assessing all the other aspects that go to make up an effective integrated pest management programme, such as inspections, housekeeping, cleaning, routines, education, traceability, environmental threats, communication – amongst others.  

On a final note, having proper pest control skills and experience is required when using TrapMe or other remote monitoring tools. Moreover, remote monitoring for rodent management is not able to replace visits on site from a PCO, but should rather be considered a supplement to your professional skills. 

You can read the full article from BPCA