MyreExpressen Kolding

Lars Schäfer is the Manager of MyreExpressen Kolding.


MyreExpressen Skadedyrskontrol is a pest control company with franchises all over Denmark, in which each of the departments works independently to a large extent. Nevertheless, the departments are similar in some respects for instance, when it comes to non-toxic rodent control and intelligent solutions. MyreExpressen Kolding and all of its franchises believe that rats must be controlled in an eco-friendly manner as far as possible. 

“The most essential thing about TrapMe is that we get an alarm, when the trap snaps”



Lars Schäfer
MyreExpressen Kolding


There are multiple types of traps and rodenticides on the market for rodent control. MyreExpressen Kolding have tested many different types of non-toxic traps in order of finding the best solution on various situations. Sometimes it makes sense to control rats using one type of trap over another, but it always depends on the context and the reason as to why the rats are even there in the first place. 

“Within our industry, it is good to have multiple tools in the toolbox, but you can also end up having too many, and it may get too complicated, if you suddenly have three different systems you need to access, but in this regard, we really like TrapMe, because it is very simple to use” says Lars Schäfer. 

Whenever MyreExpressen Kolding are testing a new trap, they especially focus on the stability of the product. It is not enough that the price is good, the product must be reliable. 

”If you take the traditional traps, then it is challenging, that when they snap, you have inactive rodent control. The TrapMe trap constantly sends a signal when its active, and if something suddenly happens, either if someone kicks the rat bait station or if a rodent enters the station, then the alarm is triggered and we see that. Then we quickly go and reactivate the trap, which means that our customers never have an inactive rodent control that only works 50% of the times. To say it briefly, TrapMe makes rodent control easier for us, when we are informed about what goes on in the field,” says Lars.

Focus on reducing the use of rodenticide

Sometimes the rat activity may be too massive and intense and in that case it may not make sense to setup traps. In these cases, rodenticides may be a useful means of controlling rats. However, MyreExpressen Kolding prefer to avoid using rodenticides, which is also in connection with Kolding Municipality’s goal of controlling rats in a non-toxic manner. The municipality’s long-term goal is to become the first Danish municipality controlling rats 100% non-toxic.

“We have customers that uses traditional traps, because legally you are no longer allowed to use rodenticides for preventive rat control. Therefore, we have to use different methods, and you can also choose to use bait blocks to see whether a rodent has taken a bite of it, but then you would be on rear edge of the whole situation. With TrapMe we get an alarm, whenever the trap snaps,” says Lars.

A rat invasion is obviously not a situation anyone wants to fix on rear edge and in order to avoid this, MyreExpressen Kolding uses a series of different methods to prevent and control rats. As mentioned earlier, the TrapMe traps are a tool for controlling rats, and as Lars Schäfer says himself:
“TrapMe is not the only product on the market, but so far it has been the most valid and effective product with a user platform, we are very fond of”.

Saving a couple of working hours weekly

Less use of rodenticide – saving about 70-80%

Active rodent control