Elis Denmark

Elis is the leading business within the industry of cleaning services in Europe. In this customer case two of the business’ employees tell of their experience with TrapMe – respectively, Anders Kliver, Country Manager, and Bjørn Wilmars, Service Manager. 


Elis is Europe’s leading business within textile, hygiene, and facility services, and is strongly committed to environmental sustainability throughout the entire organization. Aside from Denmark, Elis is also a market leader in many of the 27 other countries they are active in. CSR and UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals are a top priority at Elis and in 2019 it became the first business to be certified within the UN’s SDG’s. In addition, Elis requires suppliers to live up to their CSR requirements. This ensures that suppliers too are committed to improving their own goals for their environmental impact, employee health and safety, working hours, and more.

“We always strive to spend the necessary amount of time that every customer deserves. It is about having a good dialogue and not dictating to the customer, but always recommending, working with and constantly trying to improve for their benefit



Bjørn Wilmars
Elis Denmark


Elis is a large organization with many employees using many types of tools and equipment which all need to be managed effectively for the organization to function successfully. Traditional traps and pest control tools often suit small businesses as the administration needs are minimal with small numbers. However, large businesses with extensive operations require better monitoring and operative tools to function well. Elis needed to find a scalable, digital tool for rodent control, tough and durable for large-scale operations in difficult environments; it proved to be quite a challenge to the perfect tool.

“We have tried various electronic traps to test their strengths and to expose their weaknesses, to ensure we choose the right tools. We once had 27 technicians out in the field all reporting false alarms from traps. That is, where the traps have triggered but without a catch! It was highly frustrating” says Anders Kliver.

It’s demoralizing for technicians, and very inefficient, as they waste valuable time checking false alarms and resetting traps. Seeing tasks piling up, without being able to do much about it, is enough to tear down anyone’s motivation.

“Stability is the key, and it has a domino effect. If our tools are unstable or inconsistent, it can have a major influence on the technician’s attitude and job satisfaction, as well as the overall efficiency of the organization. Small things can become irritating and balloon into major issues, influencing everything else and creating a poor working environment. Our technicians, or advisers as we prefer to call them, are highly valued and must have the right tools and backup to do their job.

This is an issue we have been able to completely avoid here at Elis,” says Bjørn Wilmars.

At the end of the day, it is about doing a good job for the customer, Bjørn and Anders agree that:

“If you care about your job and you want to manage rodents and deliver a premium service, it’s essential you have the right systems and equipment. You have to be in control if you want to do well in this industry”. 

Non-toxic pest control is the future

Elis believe that non-toxic preventive pest control is the way forward and that customers are always included in the process and properly advised. This is also why pest control technicians at Elis are called ‘advisors. Elis work for what they believe in.

“We care about the environment and believe in preventive pest control therefore we have not even bought a single gram of rodenticide! Non-toxic control is in Bjørn’s DNA, but it’s also in the Elis Group’s DNA. We practice CSR at Elis and are conscious of the impact we have on society and the environment. We were the first to get certification for UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. We chose this path as we believe, that if you have the knowledge, experience, and will, then rodents can be managed in a sustainably proper manner. It’s about having the right people with the right tools. This is where we make a difference,” says Anders Kliver.

The TrapMe trap and web portal fit perfectly into Elis’ strategy of eco-friendly 24/7 rodent management, and as the system is also a stable, easy and scalable solution, TrapMe was chosen as the preferred supplier for Elis.

“With TrapMe we get to see, immediately there is a catch. The web portal is user-friendly, very easy to manage, and highly durable. This is part of what I like about it. The trap can be quickly adapted to different sites or situations, and it provides us with all the information we need at our fingertips. It is not overly complicated; I think the market often tends to create advanced smart products that are unnecessarily complex. We like to keep it as simple yet effective as possible. At the end of the day what matters is that we can catch a rat or mouse and that we get the information immediately. Everything else is somewhat irrelevant to me,” says Bjørn Wilmars.

Stable and reliable partner

Easy to use

Suitable for large-scale operations

Eco-friendly rodent control with 0% poison