Delecon Oy

Aleksi Anttinen is the former CEO of Delecon Oy in Finland, which is a pest control company striving to control rodents for both industrial and private customers.


Delecon Oy has 15 years of experience with pest control throughout Finland – solving pest problems for both industrial and private customers and delivering urban pest control solutions outdoors on the streets of Helsinki.

Always on the lookout for innovative cost-effective solutions Aleksi Anttinen has tried and tested a number of “smart systems” to monitor and control rats and mice. In his opinion smart systems and electronic traps “are the future and if used correctly, are very effective tools for managing rodent problems.”

“When the device is easy, technicians will use it. TrapMe was surprisingly easy for them to get used to”



Aleksi Anttinen
Delecon Oy


Aleksi Anttinen experiences many pest control technicians would rather use poisons than electronic devices; reluctant to change they are hesitant and mistakenly believe that electronic traps will be too complex for them to install and work with and are worried that:

  • I’ll have problems with messages, e-mails and have to use different apps to send and receive information. 
  • “The battery will run out.”
  • “Sometimes I’ll need several different stations in order to use the trap.
  •  “There will be more work, I must first install the stationthen program the  trapinitialize the SIM card and make sure that the devices are connected to the net and each other.
  •  “The systems are too complicated and difficult to use, 

Also, in Finland the weather can be very challenging for outdoor electronic devices, due to extreme temperature differences; winters can be very cold summers very hot. Therefore, Delecon Oy needs electronic traps capable of functioning and that won’t let you down even under the most severe conditions.


Electronic traps can save time and resources, and as they are active and report 24/7 the traps only need to be visited when the trap triggers and a rodent is caught. Delecon Oy manages rodent control in Helsinki and to do this they have chosen to use TrapMe. 

“We don’t have to waste time to go and check traps unnecessarily, because we always know exactly when we have caught a rodent. In comparison traditional snap traps don’t send an alarm, which means we must check every single trap at least once a week to see whether a rodent has been caught or the trap is empty. In Helsinki there’s always a lot of traffic; it takes time to drive just a few kilometers, so it’s far more efficient for us to concentrate on the traps that have caught a rodent,” says Aleksi.

Time saving, effective and efficient

Easy to install and use

Helps create good relations with customers