Pest Control Operator (PCO)

Spend your time efficiently as a pest control operator/technician and use TrapMe’s digital solutions in order to get your expertise and know-how in focus, when controlling rats.

Pest control Operator

Traditional snap traps and rodenticides require that the PCO spends time checking the traps or bait stations frequently. As a PCO you can easily be in a hurry, if there are 10.000 rat traps and you need to go and check every single one on a regular basis. If you use rodenticides there is also a risk of affecting other animals besides rats. After the rat has eaten the rodenticide, you can never be sure where the deceased rat is exactly. You will also never find out where it came from in the first place, or when the rats in the area are completely gone.

TrapMe helps the PCO prevent, predict and control rats in an eco-friendly manner. With TrapMe you get an overview of the traps and save the PCO’s for checking empty traps. In addition, TrapMe can also help create a better dialogue between you and your customers. Previously, it was difficult for the PCOs to keep the customer informed about the efforts against rodents in the customer’s home/property. Now the PCO can submit a report with an overview of the effort and number of catches, as well as monitor whether there is still a problem. With the TrapMe platform’s data collection and reporting, the PCO will over time be able to see trends for a given area which are monitored with “smart traps”.

As a PCO you can now avoid checking empty traps and instead use your professional expertise and experience preventing and controlling rodents.

Do you need further help?

The most essential thing about TrapMe, is that we get an alarm, when the trap snaps”.

A rat invasion is obviously not a situation anyone wants to fix with reactively measures, rather we wish to be proactive in our fight against the rats, as it can develop very rapidly.

Therefore, MyreExpressen Kolding chooses tools that can help them both prevent and control rats, in order of avoiding an escalating rat issue.