Mouse trap

The worlds leading snap trap that can discern and report online whether there is a catch or not.

Effective mouse trap

Turn your rat trap into a mouse trap within a second. With our mouse trap trigger add-on, you can now turn your existing traps into a mouse trap when needed. It is still digital, non-toxic and very effective. You get all the existing features of TrapMe rat trap and ensure a clean and humane kill of mouse. See how it works on our video.


  • 1 trap – 2 solutions
  • Easy slide on trigger
  • Mobile network connected
  • ​International SIM and subscription function in 30+ countries
  • ​3 years battery life


  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • ​Optimized for rough conditions (Heavy rain, snow or sun)
  • Designed for industry-standard rodent boxes


  • Non-toxic
  • ​Reusable
  • ​Saves unnecessary mileage


  • Patented rodent detection function
  • ​Cloud-based administrative web portal included
  • ​Receive instant notification when a rodent is trapped
  • Increase the efficiency of business operations
TrapMe Portal works on all devices

The Portal

The TrapMe Portal provides the user with a total overview.

The Portal setup can be tailored to individual users, is well organised and can easily manage a large number of traps.

Via the virtual map, traps can be positioned and managed without losing the overview. All relevant information such as photos, location, description, trap ID etc. can be tailored and added to every single trap. Documentation can be filtered to show single or multiple traps, time periods, customers, users etc. and can be stored, printed or mailed as preferred. All data is secure in the cloud. 

The website gives professional companies the opportunity to manage many technicians collectively or individually and with the full overview of all customers 24/7. It is also possible to integrate or bridge existing systems with the Portal. 



TrapMe solutions are connected to our Cloud-based Portal via the GSM network. Through the portal users get a complete overview – live and historical data of every case, customer and traps. 

TrapMe uses both 2G communication but also frontier network communication of LTE-CatM1. Our solution is build with the possibility of failover between the network standards.

We sustain connectivity in more than 50 countries through our partnership with Telit. See our connectivity coverage list here.


Faint black


Polycarbonate & rustproof




Open and activated, Rodent,


Low battery, low GSM signal

Temperature range

-25 + 50 °C

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