Large entrances to warehouses and storage facilities are increasing the risk of pests entering unnoticed. By placing TrapMe traps both indoor and outdoor you proactively control the pests.

Pests such as mice and rats can often sneak into warehouses and storage facilities unnoticed, as the buildings are huge. The entrances are typically also open for a long time, as truck loaded with packages exit or enter. Looking around in a large warehouse, it can be difficult to spot the small rodents and catch them, before they manage to cause damage or start nesting.

Pests can damage packages and things, which may result in high costs for a company. Why wait for the pests to move in, when you can easily control them with TrapMe’s digital solutions? Digital traps from TrapMe can be set up outside and around buildings, so that you can catch them, before they enter the warehouse. Also, if they have already entered, the digital TrapMe indoor traps can also help you take care of that problem. You receive an alarm 24/7, as soon as a pest has entered a trap, and thereby you both prevent and control pests when using TrapMe traps. 

Allow TrapMe to help you control the logistics –and ensure no interference from rats or mice o any other pest! 

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“When the device is easy, technicians will use itTrapMe was surprisingly easy for them to get used to.

We have many happy customers and many pest control technicians are using TrapMe in their daily work.

You can read more about what sort of challenges TrapMe helps solve to various businesses within the pest control industry.