What kind of challenges do pest controllers have in their everyday life? How is the pest control industry developing? These are just a few of the topics, we will discuss in the videos to come over the next couple of weeks. 

Allow us to introduce a new concept, which we have made in collaboration with our new partner, Traplinked. We have produced a series of videos, in which we talk about various topics and provide our perspective on the subject matter. We believe that the pest control industry is developing as more and more digital products find their way to the market. However, several challenges still arise, when it comes to digitalising pest control. We seek to discuss this process of change and therefore, we decided to bring a variety of relevant topics concerning pest control to the table.  

More specifically, TrapMe’s CCO, Kim Lauridsen Hansen, and Jens Block, Head of Sales in Traplinked, are the ones providing their perspectives regarding a variety of questions and topics within the pest control industry. 

You can follow our conversation on our Youtube channel or write a comment below each video, if you want to join the conversation and state your opinion. Moreover, you are always more than welcome to contact us, if there is a topic, you would like to hear us discuss.