Landscape Construction

Save your business from spending unnecessary ressources and time on rodent control and allow TrapMe to monitor, combat and prevent rodents even in the most remote places.

Landscape gardeners and businesses within this industry have to maintain large areas such as parks and streets and there may be areas, where they do not stop by every day. When places are remote or rather inaccessible, it may hamper the rodent control, because it is time consuming and demands more resources.

Solutions from TrapMe can save your business time and resources, as the traps only need to be checked, when there is a catch. Call a PCO or get your PCO authorised employee to check the trap, when the alarm goes off. Even if there are not rodents in the area, you are still secured and proactively informed, if they start appear. TrapMe makes rodent control easier for businesses, due to the 24/7 monitoring of activity, while also saving time and resources.

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“When the device is easy, technicians will use itTrapMe was surprisingly easy for them to get used to.

We have many happy customers and many pest control technicians are using TrapMe in their daily work.

You can read more about what sort of challenges TrapMe helps solve to various businesses within the pest control industry.