In connection with our new partnership with Traplinked, we are now introducing a new digital mouse trap to the Danish market. The new system is called JERRY and is ideal for monitoring and control of mice indoor.  

There are 3 constituents, which make up the JERRY system: a tunnel station with two physical snap traps, a communication unit and a web function. The two traps are placed on each side of the Wi-Fi unit. Through a magnet in the traps, a signal goes to the communication unit. When a mouse enters the trap, information about the catch is sent directly to the TrapMe servers. The servers automatically send the message onwards to the pest controller. 

When you buy JERRY, you get: 

  • JERRY module 
  • Rechargeable batteries 
  • NagTag tunnel  
  • KNESS traps with a magnet  


Which network can you connect to JERRY?

Which type of network do you have in the building where you plan to set up JERRY? In fact, connectivity and networks are not something you need to worry about, as you can connect JERRY to any type of network. You can connect to the Wi-Fi network available in the building or set up your own Wi-Fi using a router. Regardless of whether you are using Wi-Fi, NB-IoTLoRa or something else, you can connect to JERRY, as it can function on all types of networks. 

Batteries which are used and thrown away are harming the environment. Hence, JERRY runs on rechargeable batteries, and they last for up to 1,5 year on a single charge. It is easy and fast to set up JERRY – it takes less than 3 minutes to set up one trap! 

With JERRY, mouse activity is monitored 24/7, the pest control is non-toxic and the digital portal will display the gathered data. By using the TrapMe app you can always see the location of the traps and which of them have caught something. The Traps send a signal to the Wi-Fi unit, which sends the signal to our TrapMe servers, as previously mentioned, and thereby you can study the data, but what do you need it for you may think? On the basis of data, it is easier for you to look at the history of catches and trends in order to report to the customers. It creates credibility in the eyes of your customers, and transparency about your work as a pest controller. This approach ultimately leads to satisfied customers, as they can follow the pest control process. Create safety for your customers and keep mice away with JERRY. 

Read more about JERRY here.