Select your industry to get to know more how TrapMe solutions can protect your company against rodent infestation.

Smart City Supplier

A Smart City is a digitalization process of the urban environment and in this connection  TrapMe’s digital solutions can easily be integrated and provide insight into various trends such as the areas in which rodents are frequently spotted.

Pest Control Operator

Spend your time efficiently as a pest control operator /technician and use  TrapMe’s digital solutions in order to get your expertise and know-how in focus, when controlling  rats.

Facility Management

Protect your buildings, optimise the working conditions for your employees and allow TrapMe to help you keep rats away 24/7.

Landscape Construction

Save your business from spending unnecessary ressources and time on rodent control and allow TrapMe to monitor, combat and prevent rodents even in the most remote places.


Allow TrapMe to take care of keeping rodents away from your customers’ businesses, and focus on your own work while providing the best customer service 24/7.


Use TrapMe for monitoring of rodent activity on farm 24/7, so you as a PCO can combat them as fast as possible, when they start to appear.

Protect your stores, food storage or production facilities against insects, rats and mice by using TrapMe. You are one step ahead of the problem, when you are controlling pests proactively.


Allow TrapMe to help you control the logistics – and ensure no interference from rats or mice or any other pest!