Hedensted Municipality is located in the Southeastern part of Jutland in Denmark. The municipality is among other things responsible for controlling rodents on the island nearby called Hjarnø. Using the TrapMe traps is a relatively new initiative by Hedensted Municipality, as they have previously used large amounts of rodenticide in order of controlling rodents. However, the use of rodenticide had proven to be rather economically costly and insufficient.

“We have started using a new method of controlling rodents at Hjarnø, and we are therefore using these new traps, which we call intelligent traps. We have made the decision based on the fact that there previously have been large amounts of rodenticide involved in pest control. However, we had to re-consider our method of controlling rats in order to avoid using rodenticide,” says Maria Elise Sørensen, case worker in Hedensted Municipality.

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According to Maria, TrapMe has helped optimize the time spent by the PCOs going to Hjarnø to check the traps.

“The TrapMe traps have proved to be a better alternative with regard to the fact that we could actually help the pest control operators. We could send a message to the pest controllers making them aware that a trap has closed at Hjarnø, so their trips to Hjarnø was conducted in a more effective manner,” explains Maria Elise Sørensen.

Many of the citizens at Hjarnø find it highly interesting being part of a sort of experiment on the island for Hedensted Municipality. The citizens have been very open-minded about using the IoT rat traps from TrapMe.

In the case of Hedensted Municipality, it proved to be a great idea to go all in on the IoT solution regarding the control of rats, as TrapMe has contributed to a high level of active rat control. With TrapMe, Hedensted Municipality is one step closer at becoming a Smart City with IoT solutions.

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