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Protect your stores, food storage or production facilities against insects, rats and mice by using TrapMe. You are one step ahead of the problem, when you are controlling pests proactively.

Rats, mice and other rodents are some of the things, you do NOT want to find in your facilities as a food manufacturer. Many food manufacturing companies are also struggling with bugs and pests, which can be hard to identify without knowing the exact species.

A recurring challenge for the food manufacturing industry is oftentimes to make sure that their production facilities are kept sterile and free of pests. Both grocery stores and food manufacturing companies are subject to strict procedures and legislation. If a single pest is seen it can therefore lead to high economic costs such as temporary closure as well as abolition of existing production material. A single rat or mouse can easily become an expensive acquaintance for a company. Hence, it is important to stop pests from entering the building, and this can be done by proactively controlling them.

With TrapMe, you get digital traps that can control rats and mice indoor as well as outdoor and camera solutions that can detect insects and monitor glue boards. TrapMe’s digital solutions are not simply traps, we like to look upon the devices as control points which keeps you informed 24/7, so you know when and where a pest has entered. Moreover, you get an alarm as soon as there is a catch, or if one of the surveillance cameras have caught a glimpse of a pest or insect. Keep the production going, while the pests stay away – with TrapMe

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“When the device is easy, technicians will use itTrapMe was surprisingly easy for them to get used to.

We have many happy customers and many pest control technicians are using TrapMe in their daily work.

You can read more about what sort of challenges TrapMe helps solve to various businesses within the pest control industry.