Facility Management

Protect your buildings, optimize the working conditions for your employees and allow TrapMe to help you keep rats away 24/7.

Facility Management - protect your buildings and optimize working conditions with TrapMe traps

Facility management is concerned with the maintenance of buildings making them sustainable for people to work in as well as effective for business activities. It is important to keep rodents away, as they can cause big problems and lead to high-cost expenses for the businesses. If the rodents get inside, they can gnaw in fuses and wires, ruin machines and put people’s health at risk. In order to prevent and combat rodents you need to be aware 24/7 and this is where TrapMe comes in. We help facility management with monitoring their buildings in order to ensure no rodents get inside. Our solutions can fight the rodents both on outside the buildings as well as inside.

With TrapMe none of your employees will have to spend time checking traps, because every trap sends a signal, whenever there is a catch. Your facility management business can stay focused on maintenance of buildings, while TrapMe takes care of keeping rodents away.

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“When the device is easy, technicians will use it. TrapMe was surprisingly easy for them to get used to.”

In Finland the weather can be very challenging for outdoor electronic devices, due to extreme temperature differences; winters can be very cold, summers very hot.

Therefore, Delecon Oy needs electronic traps capable of functioning and that won’t let you down even under the most severe conditions.