Many pest controllers (PCOs) have for many years been using traditional traps and rodenticides when combating rats. Times have changed, our everyday lives have become increasingly digitalised, and we are all encouraged to live as eco-friendly as possible – also when it comes to rodent control. Read more about how digitalisation makes work easier for you as a PCO by releasing more time and resources, while having a complete overview of your traps.  


Focus on your expertise

As a PCO, you are probably using a lot of time driving around checking rodent traps and looking for bite marks on blocks, checking whether rats and mice are active in the area. In addition, you may also be spending your time driving from one customer to the next, checking traps, which may be empty. Digital traps help you use your knowledge and experience when setting up traps. The digital trap automatically tells you when there’s a catch, reducing time wasted by spending time checking empty traps and allowing you to serve the customers in need of your help.  

The digital solution from TrapMe has been developed by experienced PCOs and IT experts to create a user-friendly, effective tool. With TrapMe you get a digital trap, which sends an alarm when there is a catch. Moreover, you get an online portal, which is easy to use while providing an overview of the status of all traps, their locations, and much more.  

Digital traps are a tool that helps you get the most out of your time, expertise, and experience. You get to focus on the traps that trigger and automatically report catches, freeing up time and resources for other things. Data tracking of all rodent activity at all locations at all times is easily accessible on your computer, tablet, or phone.  

Increasing customer satisfaction 

Nowadays, many companies ask for non-toxic rodent control, and digital traps are a tool that fullfills their request. Moreover, digital traps provide the customer with an insight into rodent control, which in turn creates more transparency concerning the PCO’s work. Mads Poulsen, who is a PCO at HedeDanmark, has noticed how TrapMe provides his customers with a greater insight into the process of rodent control. He can choose to allow his customers to follow rodent activity and the number of catches on the online TrapMe Portal.  

“We take action immediately when an alarm goes off, this makes our customers feel that we keep our promise as we are continuously in control and are monitoring the traps,” says Mads Poulsen. 

By contacting your customer as soon as a trap triggers, you can inform them of what measures you will take to solve the problem, providing them with a sense of security and proving your commitment to delivering a good service. With digital traps, you also have clear evidence of catching, what is caught in the trap.  

With TrapMe’s Portal, your customers can follow the rodent control progress every step of the way. Customers can gain access to the TrapMe Portal if you assign them the role of ‘observer’. As an ‘observer’, you cannot edit or delete any data, and thereby you avoid losing any data by accident. By doing this, many PCO’s experiences increased transparency and understanding of the situation from their customers. Moreover, communication with customers tends to improve and the level of customer satisfaction increases.  


Eco-friendly control of rats 

You always have an overview of the digital traps on your phone or tablet. Situations may occur, in which some would argue that rodenticide poisons are necessary, however in many cases, digital traps will be able to replace poison. You can use a digital trap again and again, in order of avoiding harming the environment. Moreover, digital traps can also be used for permanent monitoring, which rodenticides poison cannot be used for any longer. There must be confirmation of rodent activity before rodenticides can be used and then only for a limited time 

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When using TrapMe you always get the specific location and when and where a rat has been caught. You can also combine regular traps with digital ones, such as every third trap is digital. By doing this, you still benefit from the monitoring and alarm options by choosing digital traps. Digitalisation can make your job as a PCO easier, improve communication with your customers and ensure that you control rodents in an eco-friendly manner.