Terms for sales & delivery

  1. General

The below refers to all orders and deliveries unless a written agreement claims otherwise.


  1. Orders
    Received and confirmed orders are subject to force majeure including strike, lockout, war, fire damage, import restrictions and other unforeseen incidents not controllable by TrapMe®.


  1. Delivery time
    General delivery time is 5 days from receival of order to shipment. Delayed delivery outside of TrapMe’s control do not warrant cancellation of the order.
    For larger orders, longer delivery times may occur. These will be agreed before contract signing. If an agreement is not available by order, the delivery time will be stated in the order confirmation.


  1. Subscriptions
    All subscriptions have a running period of 1 or 12 months. The cost of the subscription is pre-billed.

The subscription will be renewed automatically if it has not canceled according to section 5


  1. Termination
    Basic Portal: To terminate a subscription, send an email with a list of serial numbers on subscriptions to be terminated to contact@trio. The form shall be in the hand of TrapMe latest 1 month before expiry of the running period of written subscriptions by yearly subscriptions and running month by monthly subscriptions.
    Smart Pest Management Modules: Subscriptions can be terminated running month via email to contact@trapme.io. Prepaid subscriptions will not be refunded.
  2. Portal
    Basic Portal: The subscription grands free access to all functionalities on the Portal. There will not be invoiced any other costs.
    Smart Pest Management Portal: Fee according to agreement.
  3. Claims
    Claims regarding defects observed by delivery shall be informed to TrapMe no later than 8 days from receival of the goods by sending the claim to contact@trapme.io
  4. Warranty
    TrapMe® provides a 24-month warranty, calculated from the invoice date. By Warranty means, TrapMe will correct all defects in the delivery, caused by incorrect manufacturing or construction, without any cost. Defect items must be registered as a ticket on the support page of TrapMe via email to service@trapme.io. Warranty does not cover improper or erroneous operation and assembly of the product, vandalism, tearing of seals, self-fixed products or attempted malpractice by others than TrapMe®. Warranty does not cover lightning strikes or other environmental incidents. TrapMe do not cover loss of earnings, time or other secondary damage caused by defects on the goods.
  5. Documentation
    Documentation and material shall not be copied, presented or left for unauthorized access or handed to third party without the consent of TrapMe®.
  6. Data protection

All data generated by the product is available to the owner. All data received and stored is TrapMe®’s property. TrapMe® reserves the right to access this data to service customers as well as update and improve the product continuously. TrapMe® determines that no customer data is passed to unauthorized persons.

TrapMe® cannot be held liable for lost data and lost profits in the event of hacker attacks on TrapMe® servers.


  1. Personal data
    According to GDPR, it is possible to be informed if TrapMe stores personal data, which personal data is stored, and you have the right to have any personal data deleted at any time. Read more: https://trapme.eu/en/persondata-politik.aspx


  1. Prices
    Prices are based on the exchange rates, duties and tax rates applicable on the offer / order on the confirmation date, and TrapMe® reserves the right to price adjustments on specified terms.
  2. Payments
    Prepaid up on order unless other agreements have been settled. The full amount will be added 1% per month if payments are not received in time.


  1. Force Majour
    TrapMe ApS’s obligation to deliver is postponed, limited or terminated to the extent that force majeure or other circumstances over which the seller is not the master, may delay, complicate or prevent delivery. As force majeure and similar conditions are considered e.g. war, riots, civil unrest, blockades, global pandemic, quarantine measures, strikes, lockouts, fires, prohibitions on import or execution, ice difficulties, traffic and other disturbances in general, and measures of any kind taken by public authorities or by comparable authorities hereby, either domestic or abroad, which may in any way impede the seller’s freedom of disposition. To the extent and as long as the seller does not deliver under the above circumstances, the buyer can not claim compensation, possibly. price differentiates etc. This also applies if the above conditions occur again during the term of the agreement.


  1. Choice of law and venue
    This Agreementand the rights of the parties hereunder shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Denmark including all matters of construction, validity, performance, and enforcement and without giving effect to the principles of conflict of laws. Any action brought by any party hereto shall be brought within the courts of Denmark.