In order of manufacturing the best product on the market, it is important to cooperate with the best partners. Therefore, TrapMe decided to cooperate with Telit as a part of theIoT solution. This brief blog post will provide insight about how Telit perceive our partnership.

From the beginning, the idea behind TrapMe was to create an innovative non-toxic, cellular connected rodent trap on the market. It had to entail the ability of communicating ‘Catch’ or ‘Closed’ messages to a cloud portal. The product is designed to be sold to large pest control companies to reduce service costs for their network of traps. With TrapMe, the PCO’s would save time while having an overview of the status of their traps.

Where does Telit come into the picture and what did they actually do?

Telit offered an end-to-end module, connectivity solution and platform instrumental in achieving quickly launched and well-supported connected product.

What were the results of this partnership, you may wonder?

  • Significantly reduced costs due to less frequent service visits
  • simWISE module with SIM capabilities that enables small BOM and tiny water-proof design of the device
  • Telit platform pushes data to the TrapMe app and enables availability for integration into cloud systems like Azure and SAP HANA

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“Telit is a key player in the industrial IoT market and has already become a leading end-to-end IoT provider enabling enterprises to successfully execute their digital transformation,” says Paolo Dal Pino, CEO of Telit.

Telit indeed proved to be the right partner for TrapMe and has ever since contributed with manufacturing the best rat trap on the market.

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