With our asset management solution, it has become even easier to keep track on all items that is used at specific customers. 


Connect customer to specific item
Country or Region view of where specific or group of items are placed


Manage your items and locations professionally
View of items and assets on specific customer and locations
Possibility to keep track of when spareparts are due for replacement through a timelog


Report function to extract data, specific or group wise
Photo- and comment option on non-digital items
Visit and service reports
Defect marking of materials with the photo, comment and report possibilities


Optimise your warehouse and boost your efficiency
Ordering, storing, tracking and monitoring stock levels
Analyse and support efficient operations

TrapMe Portal works on all devices

The Portal

The TrapMe Portal provides the user with a total overview.

The Portal setup can be tailored to individual users, is well organised and can easily manage any number of assets.

Via the virtual map, items can be positioned and managed without losing the overview. All relevant information such as photos, location, description, item ID etc. is stored in the Portal and accesable through the app. Documentation can be filtered to show single or multiple items, time periods, customers, users etc. and can be stored, printed or mailed as preferred. All data is secure in the cloud. 

The Portal gives professional companies the opportunity to manage assets, technicians, customer locations collectively or individually. It is also possible to integrate or bridge existing systems with the Portal.