Use TrapMe for monitoring of rodent activity on farm 24/7, so you as a PCO can combat them as fast as possible, when they start to appear.

How can you combat rats, if you do not know where they are? You cannot control rats, unless you know the location of their hideouts, and on a farm, there are numerous options for rats to hide, feed and breed. Are they in the ceiling, the barn, or near your expensive machinery? Where should your traps be placed?

To control rats, you need to figure out where they are and how many there are in order to find the most optimal tool for combating them. TrapMe works not only as a highly effective rat trap, but is also able to deliver early warning triggers, which makes it a useful tool for pest control management. 

With TrapMe, you can be sure to get started early on in the process of spotting a potential onset of a rat infestations, and then apply the appropriate measure, and use TrapMe IT platform to report and document your actions.  

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“When the device is easy, technicians will use itTrapMe was surprisingly easy for them to get used to.

We have many happy customers and many pest control technicians are using TrapMe in their daily work.

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