TrapMe are very pleased to announce our agreement with Pelsis International. 

TrapMe have long had an ambition of going beyond the borders of Denmark to introduce digital solutions to the pest control industry all over the world. To realize that ambition required a strong brand distributor with a global customer base. 

In June 2021, TrapMe entered a partnership with Pelsis, the leading international distributor of pest control product brands for commercial and retail customers. Their reputation is built on leading brand heritage, extensive knowledge of the markets and a close working relationship with partners and customers. 

Pelsis employs over 400 people across fifteen sites in the UK, mainland Europe, USA, and China and offer customer service, and sales support in over 14 languages. 

Andrew Milner, CEO of Pelsis, says about the collaboration with TrapMe 

We’re very excited to bring the TrapMe product to the market. As the industry evolves, digital pest control solutions will be a key focus area for our product development teams. TrapMe is a great product, it’s easy to use, very well-built, and is both smart and effective.”  

Pelsis always seeks to meet the demands of the market regarding new products within the pest control industry, and by being a distributor for a digital product such as TrapMe’s digital solution, Pelsis shows that they believe, IoT products to be the future of pest control.   

Stig Lyngsie, CEO of  TrapMe, is thrilled about the collaboration. He declares:   

“We’re delighted to work with a recognised and respected distributor like Pelsis. We acknowledge that we have an unfamiliar product and brand, and that we are introducing smart products to an industry, which is still maturing concerning digitalization.  

TrapMe was nominated by Pelsis as “Best newcomer” for the British Pest Control Award 2020, where we proudly came second. 

We’re really looking forward to working with the with the Pelsis team, and to developing TrapMe digital products and solutions to meet customer needs and challenges of the pest control industry in the future.