How do you combat mice as a PCO? Are you using poison, snap traps, or digital traps? In this blog post, we will look into the advantages of using snap traps and digital traps and give you 8 reasons as to why snap traps are worth considering for mouse control. 


No poison needed

The first four advantages of using snap traps are related to the eco-friendly aspects of the tool in contrast to mouse poison, which is frequently used still today.  

1.No risk of contaminating nature 

When using snap traps, there is no poison for mice to carry away and contaminate other areas. This is beneficial to the environment!

2. Avoid harming other animals 

Not only are rodenticides damaging to the environment, but they may also harm or even kill other animals in nature. Animals feeding on mice are at risk of suffering from poisoning as well if they happen to eat contaminated mice. Therefore, you should try to avoid using rodenticides and as a result, there will be no risk of secondary poisoning. 

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3. Protect sensitive areas 

Snap traps are the ideal tool to control mice in sensitive areas where the use of rodenticides are unacceptable.  

4. Helps you avoid contamination of foods 

When a mouse eats rodenticide, it does not just drop dead immediately. Depending on how much of the poison the mouse eats, and the type of the rodenticide, it may run around for up to 5 days giving it ample time to continue its contamination of the foods! On the other hand, a trapped mouse is out of circulation immediately, no longer feeding or contaminating food. 

Infographic showing to different ways to handle pest control.

Tangible evidence of the mouse control 

The last four advantages of snap traps in this blog post will touch upon the benefits of digital snap traps and how they can help you adapt your strategy for rodent control. 

5. Know the location of diseased mice 

How will your employees react, if they find a dead mouse lying around? This rhetorical question points to the benefit of snap traps, as the traps hold the mouse carcass so it can be disposed of. Thereby, you avoid bad odor, insect problems, and possible disease transmission that can occur when mice die. If you ask one of our customers, Glenn Sejerup, Production Manager of Esbjerg Paints, this is a highly valuable benefit. 

“The avoidance of rodenticide means that we do not have dead rodents lying around in the business. Dead rodents have a horrible smell and our employees would very much like to avoid this,” says Glenn Sejerup, Esbjerg Paints.  

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6. See results quickly 

You can see immediately whether the control has been successful when you are using snap traps. With poison blocks, you need to study the bitemarks and evaluate whether a rat or mouse has stopped by, and it is hard to be sure of whether the control strategy is efficient. 

7. Digital traps collect data 

With a digital snap trap, you get instant notification of a catch and can act accordingly, but the data gathered from the traps, also allows you to see trends and make decisions on how to continue the rodent control and whether the strategy needs to be changed. 

8. Monitor rodent activity 

One thing is to combat mice, but wouldn’t you like to get an early warning trigger and thereby be a step ahead of the mice? Traps can be used to detect and control mouse activity. 

We hope you found this blog post interesting on the advantages concerning the use of snap traps and digital traps for mouse control.  

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